2023 marks another important milestone on our path, with PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING joining the GEWISS group, a point of reference in the international market for home & building automation solutions and services, energy protection anddistribution, electrical mobility, and smart lighting.

This new project will allow us to further expand reciprocal skills, confirming the path of growth begun by PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING in 2017 when all the products, PRISMA, SBP, and SPITTLER, were brought together under a single brand, which has now become PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING | powered by GEWISS. 

This decision confirms our desire to constantly take on new challenges, offering innovative, technological, and reliable solutions in order to always meet the needs of our clients in an increasingly more complete way. Our history is forged on the determination to accept no compromise. In fact, PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING products have always combined reliability with aesthetics and pleasing design with performance, characterising the history of technical lighting. Our path now confirms, even more vigorously, our perpetual enthusiasm for innovation which has led the group to become a solid global point of reference in the world of design and architecture. We trust that your faith in us remains unwavering, as it is a source of constant motivation that projects us towards the new challenges the world demands of us.

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