The Children’s Surgical Hospital in Entebbe, 35 km from Kampala, capital of Uganda, is a highly innovative project of excellence developed by Renzo Piano and his studio Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), in collaboration with Studio TAMassociati and EMERGENCY’s Technical Department.

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Entebbe - Uganda


  • ARCHITECT / DESIGNER: Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) | TAMassociati


  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Marcello Bonfanti | Emmanuel Museruka

Thanks to established expertise in lighting systems for the healthcare sector, PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING has provided lighting calibrated according to the peculiarities of the place and able to favour the comfort of patients in the hospital rooms and a better visibility for hospital staff in the operating rooms.

In the design of the lighting project, the needs of the hospital environment were considered, also in terms of sustainability in the reference territory, such as energy savings, low operating costs, and, above all, durability over time.

The result achieved is an optimal light that, together with the exceptional nature of the place where the Hospital is located, helps create a feeling of well-being for patients and favour the concentration and efficiency of medical staff.


The Children’s Surgical Hospital lighting

A close and fruitful collaboration from the design phase has been able to meet the specific needs of EMERGENCY and TAMassociati, integrating lighting into the architecture of the building. Products that perform and are reliable were key requests, along with ease of installation, reduced maintenance, and that in case of intervention (for failures or malfunctions) do not require highly specialized repair. In making aesthetic choices when selecting a small number of fixtures from the wide range of PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING meeting these characteristics and that can adapt to diverse hospital environments, from operating rooms to offices and clinics to warehouses.


Interior lighting

The hospital has 72 ward beds, 3 operating theatres and all the diagnostic and auxiliary services needed to run it. 

The three operating theatres needed products with a high colour rendering index (CRI 90), specially designed for hospital environments. In compliance with health regulations, the high quality of the materials used and the homogeneous diffusion of light over the entire the surface thanks to the Sidelight-Technology LED system promotes visual comfort and correct illumination values, to ensure maximum visibility and safety at work. These luminaires are also dimmable with DALI control protocol, so illumination can be varied as necessary.


Exterior lighting 

The entire hospital is located in a natural setting, near Lake Victoria, with reduced light pollution. For the exteriors, 3,000 K luminaires were selected, coordinated with the colour temperature of the interior luminaires. The luminaires were installed by calibrating the distancing between the products in such a way as to reduce light pollution.

To highlight the metal structure supporting the photovoltaic system, the designers sought to create an effect of lightness through lighting from below provided by about a hundred FOCUS+ 1 A55/W projectors with asymmetrical optics. Spaced evenly on the roof, the luminaires lighten the architectural volume by illuminating the lower part.

For walkway safety, alternating MIMIK 10 BOLLARD bollards have been installed on building structural elements. To define green areas such as planting beds and access routes, CRICKET+ recessed in-ground luminaires have been installed.

QUASAR 20 TECH and MIMIK 10 FLAT MONO on the walls and GUELL 1 A40/W and FOCUS+ 2 A55/W professional floodlights complete the lighting intervention.